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How it all started

The COTACOL is a belgian reference book about cycling uphill, made by Daniel Gobert and Jean-Pierre Legros in 1989. In it are descriptions of the thousand toughest climbs for cyclists.

Each climb is described by several facts: name, a short description, height, grade, length, what state the road surface is in, average climbing time for an amateur or a professional road cyclist.

The combined authors measured 1.869.800 km, rode up a height of 112.396 meters and measured nearly 30.000 data points to compose this book. Each hill has a so-called COTACOL score. This score is determined using several parameters: grade, length, road surface. A higher score means a tougher climb.

More than 30 years later, some cycling & tech enthousiasts virtually got together and built apps, web sites and integrated with Strava, so that the modern cyclist can now plan rides to conquer as much Cotacols as possible and automatically flag them when integrating with Strava.

Migration status

Users have been migrated to the new runtime. This should solve previous synchronization problems.

  • Badges still require to be migrated and contains some flaws. They will be recalculated after that migration.

Combined achievements

  5180 registered users
  have collected 45.082.170 Cotacol points
  • Wouter did Côte de Lixhe today
  • Stijn did Varentberg today
  • Thorbjörn did Berendries today
  • Andy did Katteberg today
  • Matthieu did Côte Saint-Antoine, Côte de l'Amante, Col du Rideux-Est and 4 more today
  • Benno did Smeysberg and Moskesstraat today
  • Franco did Côte du Caillou qui bique, Côte de Meaurain and Côte d'Audregnies today
  • Jean did Rue Adolphe Dumont today
  • Julien did Aux Houx today
  • A did Route Barrière de Champlon today
  • Robbert did Ganzenberg and Varentberg today
  • Jarne did Molenberg today
  • Jeremie did Côte de la Redoute and Côte du Hornay yesterday
  • Bernard did Côte de Hermalle-sous-Huy yesterday
  • Raphaël did Bosberg yesterday
  • Cédric did Côte du Chant d'Oiseaux, Côte de Loyers and Trou Perdu yesterday
  • Guy did Rue du Petit-Try yesterday
  • Bru did Rue des Courteaux yesterday
  • Quentin did Taaienberg, Paterberg, Kortekeer and 1 more yesterday
  • koen did Sur le Stockeu yesterday


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